Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts
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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Horses, and other family friends

Sunny Moring - cute as a button, but doesn't suffer petting by strangers. And that is bad, because everyone wants to pet her. 

One of the stories in our book is also in this anthology, A Cup of Comfort for
Horse Lovers. Some people say that story makes them cry, but the tears are happy ones.

Horses always catch my attention

A young horse feeding near the fence
Tiger, the bob-tailed cat, was a very curious girl. She climbed behind
the computer screens and behind the table. She slept on the cords sometimes. One night she brought me a live rabbit and set it free in my kitchen!

Rescued Baby Squirrel
Smokie Moring, the cutest pup in the world! She looks like a toy that needs cuddling and loving. She likes Glenda and Glenda Loves her.

Gay with Smokie and Sunny

Lexie, part Chihuahua and part flying squirrel. She leaps up on the back of the sofa, chairs,
and into Glenda's lap. She is small, but wants to always be on eye level with people.

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