Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts
Order your personally signed books from now until Christmas for $10.00 plus S&H. Your family and friends will love it and love you. See order instructions below. Order three or more and request gift wrap. We will wrap them for you.


Lexie goes in and out and I have to open the door for her.
Estelle Darrow Rice celebrating her birthday
My view on a winter day
This beautiful horse lived at Paradise Farms
Weeds or are they yellow flowers in a field?
Smokie Moring, the sweetest puppy ever
Horses always catch my attention

A young horse feeding near the fence

Rescued Baby Squirrel
My little Lexie likes to play
A little girl named Tuesday hugs a goat at Connemara in 2006

Azaleas in front yard of Writers Circle around the Table

Lexie has the sweetest little face. She is in Paws, Claws, Hooves,
 Feathers and Fins.

Tiger is the bob-tailed cat in Paws, Claws, Hooves, Feathers and Fins

Barry Beall riding Apache. My horse is in the pasture.

Jon Beall riding the family Shetland pony

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