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Estelle Darrow Rice

Paws, Claws, Hooves, Feathers, and Fins
Family Pets and God's Other Creatures 
by Glenda Council Beall and Estelle Darrow Rice

What readers say
Estelle and Glenda's book was heartwarming and at times brought tears. Animals bring us such love, joy, and hope. Page 85 brought a smile to my face. There is nothing quite like sitting upon a horse and being carried forward. When trust is developed, a horse will allow you to climb upon its back and accept your guidance willingly. There is a miracle that happens when you put your foot in the stirrup and a horse allows you to sit upon its back. The writers took me back to fond memories of all the incredible animals in my life.---Diane 

Many of my friends have told me how much they enjoyed this book and I enjoyed it, too.---Gay M

The stories in this book are treasures, if for no other reason than their candid, colloquial narrative styles, and their deceptive, offhand images that give rise to the substance and depth of emotional experiences. It takes not only a skilled writer, but a finely sensitive person to write like these authors do.  I think they have managed a difficult job with flying colors.---Gene H

About the Authors
Estelle Darrow Rice and Glenda Council Beall 
have owned pets from the time they were little children and feel that life is missing something if there is not a dog, cat or some other pet in the house.
They tell the stories of the relationships between humans and the animals they love. Glenda was given a poodle puppy for a wedding present from her husband, Barry. She would rather have that puppy than jewels. He was a character and lived nineteen years, but gave her many scares along the way.

Estelle could never see a neglected, abandoned dog that she didn't want to keep it. She said she didn't have to look for pets. They found her. And she gave them the best home possible. 

Estelle and Glenda love the peace and quiet, the simple pace of life, and the friendly people in the Appalachian Mountains where they live and have been friends for over two decades.
Glenda Council Beall

Estelle is a retired mental health counselor and Glenda is a former elementary school teacher. Their poems, essays, and stories have been published in numerous journals, magazines, anthologies, and reviews and each of them has published a book of poetry.

Glenda is owner/director of Writers Circle around the Table  a writing studio in Hayesville, NC

Glenda is the program coordinator for the NC Writers' Network-West, a program of the state organization, NC Writers' Network.

"We are happy to present our latest book. If you love animals as we do, you will enjoy our stories and poems. This is not a children's book, but many of the stories and poems will be enjoyed by kids."

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 Quiet Times - inspirational poetry by Estelle Darrow Rice


poetry by Glenda Council Beall;  $12.00
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Profiles and Pedigrees, The Descendants of Thomas Charles Council, (1858-1911)
A family history compiled by Glenda Council Beall, about her grandfather
and his ten children and their families.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Horses, and other family friends


LEXIE PHOTOS - my constant companion

Soaking up the sun on a pretty day

She never likes to be on the floor. She is on the sofa, in my chair or my bed most of the time.

Lexie's headshot. Such a cute profile.

My quarter horse mare I loved for 30 years. Pretty Thing was her name because I called her that all the time. This portrait was done by Gay Council Moring

Sunny Moring - cute as a button, but doesn't suffer petting by strangers. And that is bad because everyone wants to pet her. (Sunny passed away at the age of 13)

One of the stories in our book is also in this anthology, A Cup of Comfort for
Horse Lovers. Some people say that story makes them cry, but the tears are happy ones.

Horses always catch my attention

A young horse feeding near the fence
Tiger, the bob-tailed cat, was a very curious girl. She climbed behind
the computer screens and behind the table. She slept on the cords sometimes. One night she brought me a live rabbit and set it free in my kitchen!

Rescued Baby Squirrel
Smokie Moring, the cutest pup in the world! She looks like a toy that needs cuddling and loving. She likes Glenda and Glenda Loves her.

Gay with Smokie and Sunny

Lexie, part Chihuahua and part flying squirrel. She leaps up on the back of the sofa, chairs,
and into Glenda's lap. She is small but wants to always be on eye level with people.